SHAK Coronavirus Appeal

During the this period of “Lock Down” some residents are facing particular challenges and isolation. To help people through this period SHAK have launched resident support “hotline” and are coordinating volunteers to reach out and offer support by running shopping and prescriptions errands, making friendly telephone calls, organising online calls bringing adults and young people together around Health and Wellbeing, Music, Crafts and Social Groups etc.

Below is just one example of feedback from a resident who we have supported recently:

We spoke a few days ago and you arranged for a volunteer to contact me to do my shopping.

She has just returned from Sainsbury’s for me.

She was such a kind person.

She got just about everything on my shopping list, and she had to carry it home to my flat….She was so pleasant and a nice person to meet.

I want to thank you and the volunteer for being so kind to me.

I hope it is ok to contact SHAK again.

We are happy as a local resident-led charity to be able to help in this way and can do more with your support.

Thanks in advance for your support and we all hope you are staying well and safe.