About Shak

SHAK Board

  • Mike Stuart
  • Claude James (chair)
  • Somaiya Siddiqi (Treasurer)
  • Frances Ely
  • Phil Oman
  • John Boyle

    SHAK Director

  • Stephen Mullings

    Youth Services Co-ordinator

  • Mohamed Jaseem


  • Jamie King

    Lead Youth Worker

  • Nick Moulders

    Music Studio lead

  • Mike Alcendor

    Music Studio Support

  • Sara Tesfu


  • Mandira Mandahar

Strategic Aims

  1. To engage with local residents, identifying and seeking to meet their needs
  2. To particularly target families and individuals who are socially excluded and vulnerable, seeking to empower them and give voice to their concerns.
  3. To provide educational opportunities that reflect the needs of local people, and support them into voluntary placements or employment.
  4. To provide safe and constructive services for local young people.
  5. To work in partnership with local and wider organisations in providing and developing SHAK’s services.
  6. To strengthen SHAK as an organisation.