Evening and School Half Term provisions include:

  • Youth Forum
    Young people get together to have general discussions, make decisions about the youth club and what activities or workshops they would like to take part in.  The youth Forum is a positive activity which teaches the young people about democracy and how to become leaders in their community.
  • ARC Studios – Music Production and Instruments
    Learn music technology using various programmes to create your own beats and songs.  Learn how to play a musical instrument i.e Drums or Bass Guitar.  Gain accredited qualifications.
  • Boxing
    A physical activity, promoting general fitness and self defence.  This Boxing activity is taught as a non contact sport.
  • Football (‘Arsenal in the Community’ – Kickz)
    Weekly football training sessions, providing important exercise as well as teamwork skills. Young people are taught basic football skills and play five a side matches.
  • Games – Snooker/Pool, Table Tennis, etc
    Learn how to play and develop skills. Promoting and encouraging Social interaction also competitions.
  • Art – (Wall Spray Painting & T-Shirt Design)
    Creative activity harnessing and directing young people’s creative energy also teaching new skills on how to use specialised equipment i.e. stencils, spray paint cans and other materials in creating Graffiti art within legal settings
  • Citizenship Programme  – Discussions & Group Work sessions
    Helping to raise awareness to promote positive citizenship and essential life skills.
  • Sexual Health Awareness
    Workshops are held to raise awareness on how to be responsible for your own sexual health and understanding sexuality and relationships.
  • Drug Awareness
    Workshops are held to raise awareness about drug abuse and its effects.
  • One to One Support / Mentoring / Personal Development
    Youth Workers give informal advice to young people on various issues and support to inspire and motivate.
  • Healthy Eating( including Food Hygiene)
    Promoting general awareness on healthy eating.
  • Recreational Outdoor activities:  Ice Skating, Go Karting, Football Matches, etc
    Various activities to help build young peoples self esteem, confidence, social interaction, team building and leadership skills.
  • Open Session / Drop in
    The ARC is an environment which young people can feel safe to be themselves, providing a space for young people to use so not hanging on the streets.

Courses leading to qualifications include:

  • Music Technology / Production – Level 1
  • Various ‘AQA’ accreditations through specific projects i.e.
    = Drumming, Piano & Bass Guitar
    = Spray Painting &  T’Shirt design
    = Democracy, Environment & Health
  • FA Coaching Certificate: Kickz ‘Arsenal in the Community’
  • Volunteering